Problem with full version of the tweaker

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Problem with full version of the tweaker

Post by dawciuu »

Hi, I have a problem which occurred while unlocking the full version of the tweaker. Well, I can't use the internet options like freezing the tire, repairing the clutch, abs in all cars, vtec. It's weird because I specially paid for these game options on online servers with this patch. In offline mode, this problem does not occur, but I am not playing offline. Please help :oops:
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Re: Problem with full version of the tweaker

Post by scorpy »

Yeah, unfortunately sometimes on some servers, tweaker just doesn't work. Actually, it was never meant to be a cheating tool for online play.
But I tested some tweaks online (LAN play with friends) and they sometimes worked, but sometimes tweaker actually tried to tweak other people's car, lol.
So, for now I can't help you, sorry. Maybe I'll sort out online tweaking in future versions.
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